Aging Aircraft 

Wyle has a wide range of aging aircraft program capabilities and experience, including:

  • Preventive and remedial maintenance of aircraft components
  • Analysis support to DoD depots
  • Integration of avionics systems/subsystems to upgrade the capabilities of older aircraft

Wyle is currently contracted to perform detailed inspections of U.S. Air Force aircraft engine components to determine whether the components should be discarded or returned to service. This program is one example of Wyle's preventive and remedial maintenance work, saving the Air Force and taxpayers millions of dollars. Typically, inspections are performed using the Eddy Current Inspection System (ECIS). The ECIS, developed by Wyle, detects cracks and flaws that cannot be reliably detected by other inspection systems.

Wyle analysis support to DoD depots includes investigation/analysis of equipment problems and a wide range of analyses relating to logistics issues. These include: analysis of reliability, maintainability, and supportability issues; life cycle cost/total ownership cost analysis; level-of-repair analysis; reliability centered maintenance analysis; integrated maintenance concept analysis; investigation of maintenance and supportability problems; analysis of maintenance requirements and development/update of maintenance plans; and evaluation of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requirements. Wyle's experience extends to the identification of affordability/ supportability problems that have the potential to be addressed via technology insertion to lower life cycle costs.

In addition, Wyle has experience in integrating subsystems and equipment into a wide range of DoD, government and commercial aircraft, as well as stationary and mobile ground stations. Wyle's experience base includes analysis of integration requirements and requirements definition; development of interface specifications; system design and development; and system installation and system test. Examples of aircraft integration efforts include: Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) System into the E-2C, early warning and a Command and Control suite into Coast Guard C-130 and U.S. Customs Service P-3 aircraft.