Science, Technology and Engineering 

Wyle Science, Technology and Engineering consistently demonstrates an ability to meet the mission-critical, performance-driven demands of our clients. Performing on contracts with civilian, defense, and scientific agencies, we provide unique human-related services, sustain vital systems and rapidly respond to emerging requirements in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive environment.

Services & Solutions
Improving Efficiency, Increasing Effectiveness, Reducing Costs – At Science, Technology and Engineering, we provide innovative and effective services solutions for NASA's life sciences directorate, pilot and health crew training and support, and highly specialized services for other NASA operations and DoD activities. 
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Contracts & Customers
With innovative staff professionals on numerous high profile contracts, the Group provides a wide range of specialized services and support to NASA, NOAA, the European Space Agency and other agencies and operations throughout the world.
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A Wide Range of Customers… A Wealth of Experience—Based in Houston, Texas, Wyle Science, Technology and Engineering draws on the enhanced capabilities of a nationwide organization with innovative staff professionals at locations.  We provide a wide range of medical services to NASA's astronaut corps, support pilot and crew training and health, and provide unique services to other NASA operations and Federal agencies.  We give customers a superior value with a localized presence.
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Science, Technology and Engineering HQ
1290 Hercules Ave.
Houston, TX 77058-2769
Phone: 281.212.1200
Fax: 281.212.1210