Science, Technology and Engineering 

Wyle’s Science, Technology and Engineering Group is known for meeting the most-challenging demands placed on it by both civilian and defense federal agency customers.  The group provides innovative solutions for life sciences, pilot and health crew training and support, aerospace medicine, scientific services, and specialized engineering. Its many accomplishments include the fact that Wyle experts have supported every U.S. manned space mission since the 1960s.  The group supports the varied needs of a diverse customer base which includes NASA, NOAA, U.S. Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, the European Space Agency, and commercial customers.

The Wyle Science, Technology and Engineering Group’s wide range of expertise includes:

  • Occupational medical and health services
  • Specialized flight medicine services
  • Astronaut/Aircrew health and performance
  • Climate prediction, atmospheric modeling and data sciences
  • Life sciences with an emphasis on challenging environments such as micro-gravity of space, high-g and high altitude aircraft
  • Medical systems engineering and integration
  • Biomedical research
  • Laboratory support and operation
  • Human health and performance research
  • Commercial space flight services
  • Space flight hardware production and certification

Science, Technology and Engineering HQ
1290 Hercules Ave.
Houston, TX 77058-2769
T: 281.212.1200
F: 281.212.1210