Wyle San Antonio 

Wyle’s San Antonio location provides an integrated team with over 30 years of experience in the planning and conduct of research and test (RDT&E) programs directed at enhancing human performance and safety in extreme operational environments.

Wyle directly supports the USAF 711th Human Performance Wing at Brooks City-Base in San Antonio, Texas and Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Wyle scientists, engineers and technicians have supported the Air Force Research Lab's biodynamics and protection efforts in the areas of acceleration, altitude protection, and spatial disorientation countermeasures for more than 30 years, thus enhancing the warfighter's physical and cognitive performance in the high G and altitude environments, thus helping to ensure America's aerospace force retains its preeminence. Efforts include conducting exploratory research and advanced development to improve protection against the maneuvering stresses of all aspects of flight. Efforts also include developing improved equipment and procedures; providing modifications to and integration of support for current and developmental acceleration protection systems; and testing to ensure quality and performance of developmental systems. Wyle directly supports anti-gravity straining maneuver training for the U.S. Air Force and Navy as well as international customers. 

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Science, Technology and Engineering HQ
1290 Hercules Ave.
Houston, TX 77058-2769
Phone: 281.212.1200
Fax: 281.212.1210

Contact Info
Wyle San Antonio
2485 Gillingham Drive
Building 170
Brooks City-Base, TX 78235
Phone: 210.998.4100
Fax: 210.263.9850

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