Careers With Wyle 

Wyle is committed to recruiting, retaining and developing a diverse team of talented professionals. For us, success depends on bringing people together to solve some of the toughest problems facing our nation and the world. For a complete listing of available positions at Wyle, visit the Career Opportunities Center.

Complete Benefits Program
Wyle recognizes that employee benefit programs are an important part of the total compensation package. We are committed to providing you with options to protect from disability due to illness, injury or loss of life. Wyle employees also have the opportunity to build security for the future through our retirement program.
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A Proud Employer To American Veterans
Wyle is fortunate to count veterans among its employees. In fact, some of our most accomplished employees transitioned from the military. Our success depends on hiring skilled, talented, hard-working professionals – and those who’ve served our country exemplify these qualities.  They may not be identified by their uniform any longer, but because of our extensive work on behalf of our nation’s government, they continue to serve the country in a different and challenging way.

Environmental Health and Safety
Wyle and all operating entities strive to maintain an environmental, health and safety program that complies with all regulatory requirements as well as best practices. Since its founding, Wyle has operated under the policy that its employees are its most important asset. In keeping with this policy management continually seeks to provide employees with the programs, training, and tools conducive to maintaining a safe and environmentally friendly work place. Many of our operations deal with hazardous materials and potentially hazardous operations requiring constant training and continuous improvement, whereas other elements of the company operate in an office environment. By maintaining a strong Environmental and Safety Culture Wyle experiences low accident rates, low turn-over, low absenteeism, and a high degree of productivity. Wyle’s commitment to Environmental Health and Safety programs are established to benefit everyone from our employees, our customers, the community, and the Environment.